"As a principal bassoonist in an orchestra there are pieces that remain a challenge a life long. At the moment I have to perform several times The Rite of Spring. For the solo at the beginning I chose to play on a Rieger 1a reed from viennareeds. I had total confidence in the reed and this gave me the freedom to focus fully on making music. I liked the Kor reeds too but the reason I chose Rieger 1a at the end was that the sound is a bit brighter and I found it was passing better to this solo. But this is a matter of taste. I can warmly recommend the reeds from viennareeds! " 

Nadia Perathoner, principal bassoon Bruckner Orchester Linz  

"Today I received some reeds of Vladimir Kacar and tried them. I like the reeds and can recommend Vladi as a really brilliante reedmaker!"

Holger Simon , Deutsche Oper Berlin and fantastic reeds maker.